Track Records

Track Records

Goods and Services Tax (GST) - Assisted Compliance AssuranceProgramme (ACAP)

For ACAP review, IRAS usually conducts suitability interviews of ACAP reviewers before giving their go-ahead for taxpayers to select their ACAP reviewers. In our inaugural ACAP engagement in 2017, our firm, with two partners who are ATA (GST), was similarly interviewed by IRAS and was deemed suitable to undertake an ACAP review engagement on behalf of our client. We successfully completed our initial ACAP engagement, and our report resulted in IRAS awarding ACAP Premium status to our client. The ACAP Premium status, the client enjoys the benefits under ACAP for 5 years (instead of 3 years). We have since submitted/completed 4 other ACAP engagements, including the first post-ACAP review for client, without any significant findings or penalties imposed by IRAS.

Merger & Acquisition Transaction

We provide a full suite of M&A services from assisting in the preparation of Teaser, Information Memorandum, seeking and negotiating with potential investors, performing and assisting with Financial and Tax Due Diligence etc. We have over the years completed many successful M&A transactions acting for both sellers and buyers. We are happy to highlight one of our long-time and established clients in the mechanical components industry. Our client was approached by two different overseas prospective investors interested in acquiring their business and company to expand their footprints in Singapore and South East Asia. We were appointed by our client to assist in the initial negotiation process concurrently with the two prospective investors, and clients eventually signed a term sheet with one of two prospective investors. Thereafter, we assisted in the financial and tax due diligence process, including liaising with clients’ lawyers and investors’ appointed professionals during the whole M&A process. As a result, the USD multi-million dollar deal was successfully completed as scheduled. We are very happy that this company, now owned by the new foreign shareholders, was comfortable with our professional conduct and work during the M&A transaction and has continued to retain our corporate services till today.

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